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I employed the legal services of Attorney Mike Okeke and the Okeke Law Group, P.C. when I was injured in a car accident earlier this year. My injuries made it difficult for me to go to his office but Attorney Okeke agreed to meet me at a location convenient to me where he listened to me and handled all the necessary paper work. He was very professional, prompt, and kept me informed on every communication with the insurance company. He went out of his way to negotiate medical bill reduction with my healthcare providers. The successful medical bill reductions he negotiated increased the amount of money I received in the end. Definitely, I will use him again for any legal issues I may have in the future because Attorney Okeke's legal knowledge is not limited to only one area of law as is the case with some other practicing lawyers. Attorney Okeke is a very passionate lawyer who treats every client of his as a human being and not as case number or file number.
Abigal Thomas, Atlanta, Georgia. November 12, 2013.

To all those in need of passionate, professional, effective and efficient legal representation, I declare that my family and I have used the services of Okeke Law Group twice this year. As it is said where I come from, when one travels one particular road twice, it means that road is good.
Francis Ibekwe, Atlanta, Georgia. November 11. 2013

Dear Attorney Okeke, I wish to formally appreciate and commend you and your law firm for the expeditious and professional manner with which you handled the case involving my wife and I against a Banking institution, while trying to retrieve our stolen funds entrusted to the care of the Bank. There is no doubt in my mind that we would have been fighting a lost battle without your timely intervention in this matter. It therefore, gladdens my heart to note that we have people like you who are so experienced and versatile in American Jurisprudence in general and that of Georgia State in particular. Indeed, your ability, competence and willingness to take TOTAL OWNERSHIP in achieving satisfactory resolution of our case as if it is yours, is worthy of emulation by all, irrespective of our professional calling . My wife and I are very pleased with the favorable outcome of this matter and wish to thank you immensely for your great efforts. Once again, thank you and remain abundantly blessed.
Charles Okoye, Former General Manager/Chief Compliance Officer , Zenith Bank Plc and currently The Executive Vice Chairman , Royal Guaranty & Trust Ltd ( A Foremost Stock Broking Firm in Nigeria & A Member of The Nigerian Stock Exchange). October 18, 2013

Attorney Okeke is PERFECTION! As a criminal defense lawyer, he kept us in the know of all updates and hearings regarding my legal matters, and the best of all is that he beat the case.
Nycole Brown, DeKalb County, Georgia. August 2013

Hello Attorney Okeke, thanks so much for all the effort you employed to earn me such an outstanding result. Thanks again. I shall fax the bill of this second case to you a.s.a.p.
Bethel Mensah, Gwinnett County, Georgia. October 9, 2013.

Great job Attorney Okeke!!! Keep up the good work. I am impressed.
Dr. Frank Onukwuli, Clayton County, Georgia. September 24, 2013.